Storm at Mallory Park

We were invited by the VMCC Sprint Section to show Storm at the Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park 7th and 8th July. In between “parade” laps of historic racing machinery on the Sunday we were to take part in a demonstration of sprinting on the straightest part of the track.

To enable the sprint bikes to return to the paddock without completing a whole lap of the circuit though, this meant racing the “wrong” way to the usual direction.

We tried a launch in 1st gear, which immediately went up in smoke, followed by a launch in 2nd gear, which did exactly the same.

We’re not entirely sure what the crowd made of the bike in amongst some very vintage rides, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in the sunshine and for us it made a nice change of scenery, even if we couldn’t demonstrate what Storm really is capable of.

Thanks to Mallory Park, the VMCC Sprint section, Dave Woodard and all involved for inviting us.

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