Storm update

Some excellent progress today courtesy of Mark at Owen Developments.

  • New single gearshift button 1 – 2 – 3 and back to 1 as long as wheel speed is under 20mph.
  • New launch button operates 20psi of antilag in 0.5 seconds without use of the brake allowing the bike to be toed into stage on boost
  • EGT sensors working
  • Turbo speed sensors working
  • Clutch slip and gearbox slip sensors working
  • Ground speed calibrated
  • AMS1000 rewired to allow independent control of both turbos on antilag and ramping of each to deliver equal pressure ratios on the run
  • Precision turbo wastegate and crank damper working

A couple of other issues came up which we hope won’t prevent us from running at Shakespeare on Sunday…stay tuned.

2013-07-17 12.52.22 2013-07-17 12.52.32

6 thoughts on “Storm update

  1. Unfortunately during the day a small gearbox fault developed which we won’t be able to rectify properly in time for Sunday, and as both Shakey and Pod are now fully into “lifestyle event” season it might be 3-4 weeks before we get some track time. We’ll be at the next available RWYB.

  2. Congrats on that 7.2 pass, moving in the right direction. Ground up new projects such as yours has its little challenges along the way, keep the updates coming.


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