Green Light Nationals 2021

We were in optimistic mood heading for this event, but a test day immediately prior to the first day soon dampened our spirits. A test launch netted a very lazy 1.16 to 60′ and 3 seconds to 330′. The data log revealed low boost. After checking all the pipes, clamps, and the exhaust for leaks, Mike found that the wastegate housing had gone slightly out of round and wasn’t sealing properly. He took it home for machining that evening, but the next morning a quick test on anti-lag showed the problem persisted.

Further checks for leaks turned up a loose exhaust clamp in a rather inaccessible position. By the time this was fixed, we had missed the first round of qualifying, and subsequent rounds were rained off so we didn’t qualify at all!

With rain also forecast for eliminations day we hung around for a while hoping to make at least a demo pass but by lunchtime decided to pack up and go home. That’s drag racing (or not)!

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