New front end

After 10 years of valiant service from the Aprilia 250 (or was it 125?) front end it has been retired in favour of the ubiquitous Hayabusa setup, much to the pleasure, I am sure, of Steve Mead and others from the old 200mph club.

The Aprilia front, despite having almost identical dimensions to the Suzuki setup lacked any kind of damping adjustment and with speeds increasing was unable to deal with the bumps under braking in the shutdown area at Santa Pod.

Mick made a new top yoke for our unique steering system and with stronger springs from Small Order Springs in Uxbridge it was on in no time.

Pics from Kermit.

Winter rebuild 2017/2018

Over the winter the team completely stripped the bike, repaired any damaged or stripped threads etc, repaired the cylinder head (welded up and machined flat) and made a new billet cylinder block with a conventional copper head gasket / stainless wire combination in place of the power rings. A camchain guide was added inside the cam cover making it impossible for the cam chain to jump teeth, and the seat unit was extended approximately 16″ – a suggestion from UWTSD as an interim measure while they work on the computer model. The gearing was also lowered approx 7% with a new rear sprocket.

The bike was then treated to a new paint scheme in yellow and metallic black by ace painter “Frizzle”, and new decals by Mr Sticker in Saltash were added.

Photos from Kermit.